My path

After training as a goldsmith in Germany and a subsequent apprenticeship in Barcelona, Spain, I studied jewellery and product design (now New Craft Object Design) at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf graduating successfully.

Since 2009 I have been producing and selling my jewellery under the label UlrikePoelk and
run the producer gallery noonberlin with four of my collegues.

My passion

When designing jewellery, one of my focus areas is pervasive. It is my intention to breathe new life into established pieces of jewellery - such as the classic pearl necklace - aiming to break with patterns and question common ways of wear. I therefore develop pieces of jewellery that are variable and meet my demand for a clear language of design. The jewellery's transformative potential offers the wearer many different wearing options. In return, the jewellery also demands something from the wearer, namely cooperation and involvement with the piece.

Since my beginnings, it is this interaction between the wearer and the piece of jewellery that has inspired me. The fun and joy that this jewellery triggers drives me.