Jewellery care

Depending on the piece of jewellery, there are care instructions that should be followed.
For all pieces of jewellery with integrated magnets, the pieces should not be placed near (electric) magnets. This applies in particular to hearing aids, pacemakers, televisions and monitors, credit and debit cards, computers and other data carriers. With the latest generation of smartphones, however, there is generally no problem when making calls with ear jewellery that contains magnets.

It is also advisable to avoid direct contact of jewellery with liquids such as perfume or simply with water. If a piece of jewellery does get wet, it should be dried thoroughly. In general, a piece of jewellery will stay in good condition for longer if you take it off when working with it (this applies especially to rings) and if you keep it in its original packaging when it is not being worn. This way, it is better protected from tarnishing (in the case of silver) and dirt.

In general, Ulrike Poelk is not liable for damage caused by failure to observe the instructions.


I produce my jewellery in small series. The jewellery can be viewed, tried on, and purchased in our joint workshop studio in Berlin (noonberlin /

Beyond this I also co-operate with other galleries in Germany and abroad. If you would like to know whether there is a gallery in your area that carries my jewelry, you can just send me an e-mail or give me a call.

In case of special requests I am also happy to provide you with information via phone or by e-mail, particulary if you wish to have other chain lengths, alloys or other gemstones/gemstone combinations. It is usually possible to fulfil such requests. And as the "chainge" collection is by far not fully available in the online shop, it is always worth asking.

Special service

Within the "chainge" collection, a necklace becomes a multifunctional piece of jewellery thanks to the system I have built into it.
Implementing this into old pearl necklaces has already brought joy to some of my customers. This way, the necklace is given a new lease of life, losing its "old-fashioned" touch, and is worn more often instead of just lying untouched in a drawer. If remodeling a piece is also of interest to you, please get in touch with me. As the costs for a refurbishment can vary, it is necessary for me to assess the principal characteristics of your necklace, such as its length and bead size, etc., which enable a price calculation.