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Ulrike Poelk

Necklace "attraente", ruthenium blackened

Necklace "attraente", ruthenium blackened

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With the necklace “attraente” there are hardly any limits to the jewellery wearer as a co-designer of the jewellery.

The way you handle and play with the chain is directly reflected in the changed look of the chain. It can simply be worn around the neck, or it can decorate the neck or arm in many other variations.

When playing with the chain, invisible magnets create seemingly small or large nodes. These apparent disruptions are playful design elements that can be resolved by simply pulling .
The otherwise often frowned-upon knot becomes a fun factor and functional element at the same time.

The total length of the chain in the “unknotted” state is approx. 95 cm.

Material: stainless steel, magnets, blackened ruthenium ( ruthenium is a platinum metal)

Please note the instructions on care and the magnets in the jewelry.

The regular delivery time for this piece of jewelry is 2-4 days for production plus shipping (more information on shipping times etc.)

All pieces of jewelry are made with love and individually by hand, so it can sometimes take a little longer. However, we can usually keep to this time frame. If it is particularly urgent, it is best to indicate the urgency in the shopping cart under "special order instructions" or to call us.

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