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Ulrike Poelk

Necklace "chainge" L with onyx

Necklace "chainge" L with onyx

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The "chainge" necklace looks almost like a classic. When you handle it, you discover the numerous ways it can be worn. Unlike a traditional necklace, you put the chain around your neck so that the clasp, i.e. the front ends of the chain, rest on your décolleté. You can now grab the ends and connect the baubles to each other. In this way, you can immerse yourself in the variations of the necklace and discover its potential.

The additionally delivered back plate, which is made of acrylic glass with embedded magnets, is intended to allow for the necklace to be worn as a brooch. If you want to use the neckline of your jumper, shirt or similar, as part of the piece you can create a funny form of jewellery...half necklace, half brooch, which definitely turns the usual look of a necklace on its head.

The "chainge" chain is available in different sizes and ball-diameters. The size designation L refers to a ball size of 7mm. The total length of the chain is 90 cm.

Material: Onyx, matt; magnets; stainless steel

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